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I’m Breaking.

I am on day 84. If there is ever a time in this challenge I want a glass of wine it is NOW! They say bad things come in threes and I am getting hit hard right now. 1. My grandpa passed away and today is his funeral in Minnesota. 2. My dad had another fall and went to the hospital in Minneapolis the day after he arrived. I was scheduled to arrive for the funeral on Tuesday but switched my flight and got out on Sunday night so I could deal with my dad’s health issues. Dealing with two different VA’s, coordinating his travels back to Arizona, figuring out how we can take care of him enough to get him to his dad’s funeral were just about sending me over the edge. 3. Yesterday, I lost my wedding rings. I am working very hard to stay calm thru all of these challenges and I keep reminding myself that I need to focus on the things within my circle of control and not worry about anything else. However, I did hit a low point yesterday and it felt like the world was crashing down on me. For a moment last night all I wanted was a glass of wine. I went to the lobby and bought a Gatorade instead. I downloaded some meditation apps and some spa serenity music on my phone yesterday. I used it to regulate my breathing and keep my anxiety at a manageable level. I will get through this. Grandpa- Rest In Peace!

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