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  • Jessica Harris

One Word.

The universe is definitely guiding me to the topic of this post. Three instances, related to the same topic, in a short time period is enough to get me to pause and reflect.

One Word.

Recently I was mindlessly perusing my favorite social media time waster-Facebook- and kept seeing the same Ad for a really cool necklace that highlights a single word. Check it out at The Ad was powerful and visual enough that I actually clicked on it to check out the website and the products. The project's concept is based on the belief that there is a purpose inside each of us and we should share our truth and inspiration with each other. So why not make a necklace or bracelet that is worn every day to showcase One Word? To get you started, they encourage you to ask yourself three questions; What virtue do you want more of in life? What is a challenge you want to overcome? What are you most passionate about and want to do more of? I haven't ordered one yet, but it is a really cool project with a really cool product.

Last night I was reading Jon Gordon's book, The Power of a Positive Team and he talks about importance of identifying your One Word to inspire you to live with more meaning and mission, passion, and purpose for that year. Even more important than choosing the word is identifying the why behind the word. The why is what gives it meaning and makes it more powerful. The idea of One Word is that it sticks and it is much easier to focus on a word than a lengthy goal. Gordon also wrote the book, One Word that Will Change Your Life. I think I need to check that one out too!

Today while I was eating my lunch I came across a Facebook Post for a local art studio, Board and Brush Gilbert and their post caught my attention. They asked customers to identify One Word that serves as a personal guide and commenting would get people entered in a contest. I didn't even hesitate commenting, but I didn't comment just because I wanted to win the contest. I commented because at this point I realized that One Word was screaming at me the last few weeks and I needed to find it, live it, and share it.

I knew my One Word would be something related to my 365 day goal so I started thinking about what that would be. At the beginning of my year long goal I think some negative words such as difficult, crazy, long, impossible, stupid, unachievable etc. may have been first thoughts. But I realized quickly that I needed to dig deep and figure out what my true purpose was in my 365 day goal. Early on, I definitely changed my paradigm and also detailed the "why" behind my goal, but I don't think I ever narrowed my overall goal down to One Word, probably because I knew it would be hard.

Today, I didn't go seeking my One One Word found me. Destination.

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