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7 Overtimes

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

I do crafts. I sew. I shop. I watch reality tv. I don’t do football. Gasp!

My better half Rick LOVES college football - especially the Texas A&M Aggies!

This week reports, “LSU faced Texas A&M looking to win its eight straight game over the Aggies in the series, but on Saturday night, that streak ended with Jimbo Fisher & Co. besting Ed Orgeron and his team in a 74-72 win.”

According to Rick this game was epic. You can read a whole recap of the game here:

A Game like this would typically send Rick down a booze filled rabbit hole. During a crazy game like A&M played on Saturday, he would have probably drank through the entire game.

But he didn’t miss drinking!

Rick said that while he was watching the game he never actually thought about drinking. He may have drank a few more pepsi‘s than usual, but booze wasn’t on his mind. It was a couple of days AFTER the game that he recognized how different it would have been if he watched that particular game before this challenge started 217 Days ago. He described four drinking stages he probably would have gone through:

1. Anticpation: a couple beers at kick off to celebrate the beginning of the game.

2. Anger and frustration: pounding beers when the game starts to suck and the Aggies play terribly causing him to walk away from the tv to calm down.

3. Nervousness: stress drinking more beers at a much faster pace when the aggies make a comeback and the game goes into 7 overtimes.

4. Excitement: pulling out the good ole’ bottle of whisky when the Aggies take the win against LSU.

The day after watching this game he felt great. 7 months ago he would have had one massive headache and felt like shit.

I am proud of both of us and usually write about my personal experiences, but it is really cool to hear Rick talk about his expierences and his small wins toward our goal!

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