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Can we hit the pause button?

So we attended a swanky booze heavy event last night at the resort we are staying at this Weekend. My last post was all about feeling FOMO and truthfully we were really tempted last night! Just after we checked in to our gorgeous villa Rick said, “Can we hit the pause button on the snooze?” I just kind of laughed it off as we enjoyed the amenities of our villa and started getting ready for the night. However, as I was doing my hair and makeup I started to seriously consider Rick’s idea of hitting the pause button.

Should we or shouldn't we?

Since neither of us stopped drinking due to an addiction I started asking myself if there was any harm in making a choice to “hit the pause button” and enjoy a glass of wine or champagne at the event. Rick and I sat and talked about it. I suggested that if we decide to pause we need to be thoughtful about it and set some rules/regulations for the weekend such as only having one with dinner and one after, no poolside drinks and no booze in the room. Rick said ultimately we would probably regret making the decision to break our streak. I verbally agreed but there was still a little part of me that wondered if I truly would regret it. I knew for sure that I didn’t want to feel like garbage the next day and we determined that it might only take one drink to feel that way! In fact, Rick said that on past visits to this resort he used to convince himself that he wasn’t hungover the next day.

The result?

I thought long and hard about those little red x’s on my streak log and I decided I would definitely feel regret if I sabbatouged the goal I have been so consistent on for almost 150 days.

We did not drink!

We opted for non-alcoholic mules in fancy glasses and had a great time listening to the Frank Sinatra inspired band, eating pallela, sliders, fish tacos, antipasto bar, and desserts. We spent time socializing with friends that joined us for the night and didn’t feel FOMO as they took advantage of the open bar.

Resisting temptation

It was a lovely evening and I am so happy

that today I feel rested and ready to enjoy my day. We brought lots of fancy ingredients to make fancy mocktails and we are going to save lots of money! We hit the ground running today with a historical tour of the resort and now we are poolside enjoying the sun. Cheers!

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