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  • Jessica Harris

Decide. Commit. Succeed.​​

Today is the day!  Day 365.

At 11:59 pm I will have officially completed my year-long goal.

Inquiring minds probably want to know… How do I feel?  Am I excited? Am I going to celebrate? Am I going to have a drink?

100 days ago thought about those very same questions and I wrote,

If I had to make a prediction, I think I will be happy but not jump up and down super excited. I think it will feel like any normal day when I just simply get another thing done. Completion… I can check that box off the list. There won’t be any fireworks. There won’t be a big party with a pop of the cork and champagne flowing.  My life will continue on like normal on April 25, 2019.

100 days ago I predicted that I would not feel as happy as one would expect because of the arrival fallacy concept defined by Harvard psychologist, Tal Ben-Shahar. I predicted that by the time I got to this day, I wouldn’t experience elation and fireworks because I will have already been expecting to reach it.  I think this is spot on. Now that I reached goal, I am already living my new normal. Because I enjoyed the journey along the way, I know I can continue the process beyond the expected time frame of 365 days. I don't expect my life to look much differently moving forward as it relates to alcohol consumption. I may enjoy a beverage here and there, but my body and mind don't view it the same way anymore.

I am fulfilled

When I started I was very unsure of myself and my ability to make it a full year without a drink.  I questioned whether I could be successful and I feared failure. The goal seemed daunting, and to many other people it seemed laughable and crazy. However, I found that blogging about my experience was an essential part of my success.  The blog held me accountable and I felt pride when I inspired other people. The booze snooze was a personal challenge to prove to myself that I can do what I set my mind out to accomplish, and I succeeded!

  • I know that I can achieve a long term goal.

  • I know that I have drive and motivation.

  • I know that I can anticipate challenges and create solutions to help me stay the course and see a goal through to the finish line.

  • I know that I don’t need alcohol to live a fulfilled life

  • I know that I 100% changed routines/patterns in my life as it relates to alcohol that will have a positive impact on me physically and mentally forever.

Savoring the moment

Today, I am savoring how satisfying reaching this goal feels. I am proud of myself. I am also crazy proud of my husband as well.  When I shared my idea with Rick during a road trip from California, instead of laughing at me he instantly said, “I want do it with you.”  His WHY for not drinking alcohol for a year was probably different than mine, but we both shared the same intrinsic drive to succeed. Because we had the same passion for this experience, I think it brought us closer together.  

This weekend Rick and I are going to go out to a fancy steak dinner. We are going to splurge and treat ourselves to a delicious meal to celebrate the completion of the One Year Booze Snooze.  I am going to order a glass of prosecco. I will sip it slowly and I will savor the flavor. After that, I think I will just go back to my new normal.

I decided on a goal. I committed to a goal. I succeed with my goal.

Today, I am better than I was yesterday.

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