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I am Willing and I am Purging.

I am feeling excited and motivated today. Now that I have publicly announced that I am officially willing to take this 365 day journey, I need to identify my official goal, determine my key motivations, develop my next steps to get started, plan a reward, and determine how I will track my progress.

My Goal: I will not drink any alcoholic beverages for 365 consecutive days beginning Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

My Key Motivations:

1. Feel healthier physically (lose weight, less headaches, more energy, sleep better)

2. Feel healthier mentally (less tired, more focused, stronger memory, motivated)

3. Strengthen my kidneys that are already weakened by ongoing kidney stone trauma

4. Establish new/alternative routines in my life

My Immediate Next Steps:

1. Purge all alcohol in the house. This is achievable for me because my husband has committed to this 365 day journey with me. We are purging together.

2. Finish setting up my Website and Blog so I can maintain web presence, accountability and tracking.

3. Pick at least one alternative drink to use when I feel the "urge.

My Rewards:

After 60 days- June 23: I will celebrate with a trip to Indiana and Minnesota

After 120 days- August 22: Rick and I will do a local weekend staycation

After 180 days- October 22: We will do a professional family photo shoot

After 240 days- December 21: Rick and I will go to a concert together

After 300 days- February 19: Rick and I will get spa treatments

After 365 days- April 25: I will get a special house cleaning package and Rick will get a Landscape package

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