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Long road ahead.

Day 1. Reality has set in and I am starting to feel a bit anxious about the length of time for my goal. I have already been asked a few times why I am choosing such a LONG goal. The sheer looks of "What? Are you crazy?!" have given me a good laugh, but it does kind of make me question if I can make it to day 365. As I mentioned in my very first post, I chose a full year because I have tried short term goals before and while I am generally successful for 30 days or so as soon as I hit the ending date I typically go back to my old ways. I am assuming if I try a longer time period it may just "stick".

Time will tell.

I think this long road ahead comes down to one thing, GRIT which is defined as courage and resolve, strength of character, firmness of mind or spirit. Jenny Williams, A Fine Parent defines grit as a "distinct combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus that allows a person to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere in their goals even in the face of discomfort, rejection, and a lack of visible progress for years, or even decades."

Two key words that stick out for me in that definition are optimism and discomfort.

Angela Duckwork, the author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, gives different perspective explaining how we should really look at what grit isn't, "Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals. One way to think about grit is to consider what grit isn’t. Grit isn’t talent. Grit isn’t luck. Grit isn’t how intensely, for the moment, you want something." What I get from her statement is that I can't just want this now, I need to still want the whole time.

Essentially, I need to make sure I don't ever forget my key motivations and stick to my convictions. I need to change my mindset, focus on self control, and embrace and face challenge.

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