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Man In The Mirror.

Last night my husband went out for a great business dinner…sober. When he got home he shared a story about one of the guys who was inspired by Rick’s yearlong goal. This guy said, “I’m going to do it with you. I am going to finish out the year with you!” Then he had a realization and said, “but not until after this weekend.” And then a second realization hit him, “Oh wait..not until after I go on this big trip overseas.” How do you decide when the right time to make a change is?

When do things ever happen at just the right time? If we don’t stop and prioritize what really matters, and get clear on what it is we really want, a month will have passed, then a year, and then you tell yourself it’s just never a good time to take a step in a new direction.

It is always a good time to take a step in a new direction.

Change is always just one decision away.

In the 1980’s Lyricist, Siedah Garrett wrote an amazing song that became a part of Michael Jackson’s 1987 album, “Bad”. The song “Man in the mirror” is all about making a change and that change has to start with you! I have heard this song a handful of times recently while driving. Every time I hear it, I think about the beginning of my One Year Booze Snooze. If you go back and read one of my very first blogs Long Road Ahead, I share that in order to see change in one year I need to make sure I don’t ever forget my key motivations and stick to my convictions. I need to change my mindset, focus on self-control, and embrace and face challenge.

Jackson’s song starts out with a proclamation of change.

I’m Gonna Make A Change,

For Once In My Life

It’s Gonna Feel Real Good,

Gonna Make A Difference

Gonna Make it Right…

Haven’t heard the song in a while? Listen to it here on You Tube.

These lyrics resonate with me because my yearlong goal simply started with some thoughts, big decision, and then it turned into execution. How many times do you casually walk by a mirror, take a quick glance and think about something you want to change? Maybe it is your hairstyle, the size of your body, an attitude or a personal feeling. Most often it is a fleeting thought because you are in a hurry to move on to the next thing that keeps you busy and distracted.

But what if you stopped and REALLY looked at yourself in the mirror.

What if you analyze yourself to uncover your weaknesses, your strengths, and try to figure out who you really are? Would you be driven to be better? Life has its ups and downs and sometimes when you are down and really look at yourself you have an urge to change.

I think the best line in the song is, “No message could have been any clearer”. So you want to make a change? Well, start with you, start with yourself, the MAN/WOMAN in the mirror! You can’t wait for miracles to happen or the time to be perfectly right. You need to just do something. Change.

I know I can’t control the presence of alcohol in our society and the social pressures to drink, but I can control my actions and myself. My hope is that by starting small with blogging about changing myself, maybe doing so will help spread a little change to others. Today, I want to help someone who thinks they can’t achieve a goal or make change in their life recognize that they can! If you think you can’t, please know that I am standing by you cheering you and saying, Oh yes you can! Maybe this song will inspire you as much as it inspires me.

Make a change. That change has to start with you.

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